Style Quotidien is your authority on sustainable fashion and beauty.

Style Quotidien is a socially conscious online magazine that exclusively features luxury sustainable brands in fashion and beauty. The magazine introduces readers to the newest ecofashion labels and also covers the latest collections from today’s hottest sustainable designers. Natural, organic and vegan cosmetics and skincare products are also frequently covered. In addition, Style Quotidien presents readers with original fashion editorials and regularly features provocative artists, incisive interviews, ground-breaking charitable organizations and hot topics.

Style Quotidien emphasizes the importance of slow fashion, and promotes Fair Trade employment practices, eco-friendly textiles and dyes, transparent supply chains, environmentally friendly production methods, local sourcing and manufacturing, and community empowerment through corporate donations and outreach programs. SQ also advocates the use of sustainably harvested, natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients in beauty and personal care products.

We take great care in only accepting advertisers whose companies and products adhere to the eco-conscious philosophies of Style Quotidien.

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This website was launched October 31, 2011. Photo by Olivier Rieu.