AEOS Eco-Friendly Crystal Nail Files

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AEOS crystal nail files will make your nails stronger and healthier over time.

Whether you get regular salon manicures or prefer to do your nails at home, a good nail file is a must-have beauty tool to maintain nail shape and eliminate snags and tears. Traditional paper files are not very eco-friendly because they fall apart after several uses and must be thrown out. Paper files are also unhygienic because they cannot be cleaned, and they can even harbor bacteria and disease. Metal files are long-lasting and can be thoroughly sterilized, but they tend to be extremely damaging to nails. Crystal Nail Files, like the ones from skincare brand AEOS, are the best of both worlds because they are both long-lasting and hygienic.

AEOS nail files are made out of high quality glass, so they will last for years with proper care. The crystal files can be cleaned by scrubbing them with a nail brush in soapy hot water, and then using a convenient antiseptic spray. You can even dip the file in alcohol to sanitize it. The best part about crystal nail files is that they can actually make your nails stronger with continued use. The files make nails healthier by sealing the keratin layers of the nail tip together as you file. This prevents water, dirt and debris from seeping into the nail’s layers, which in turn prevents chipping, cracking, and peeling. We love the color variety and ombre color effect of the AEOS files, and at only £6 each you can afford to buy more than one.

AEOS, which is short for Active Energised Organic Skincare, is a beauty and nutrition brand whose products are completely organic and free of toxic and synthetic ingredients. The brand uses natural extracts and essential oils obtained from herbs and plants that have been cultivated through biodynamic farming on the company’s own Demeter-certified farms. The cultivation process takes advantage of the active energies from crystals and minerals in the soil, while great care is taken to nourish and strengthen the plants to make them more potent and effective. You can purchase AEOS crystal nail files and skincare products directly from the brand’s e-store, or from various beauty retailers worldwide.

Click here to visit the AEOS website.