DIY Beauty – Makeup Primer and Setting Spray

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DIY – Makeup Primer and Setting Spray

Primers were the hot new makeup kit must-have a few years ago, and today they continue to be an essential item. Foundations can apply unevenly or slide off sweaty or oily skin. Setting powders can help but they tend to look cakey and heavy, especially on dry skin. Primers were introduced as a solution to ease foundation application and keep your makeup fresh throughout the day. There are many primers on the market available from all of the major brands. Unfortunately, most primers are silicone based with chemical preservatives that sink into your skin and become trapped under your makeup. Many primers can feel heavy on the skin or make it super shiny. Some primers, despite their claims, don’t help makeup stay on longer and a lot of primers are rather expensive. They can also smell quite strong. We’ve come up with all natural primers that are based on skin type. They will help your makeup go on smoother, looks more refined, and stays on all day. The natural ingredients are good for your skin and the best part is that it’s simple to make and inexpensive too!

What you will need:

  • 100 ml empty glass spray bottle
  • orgnic preservative free floral water (also called hydrosol or hydrolate)
  • organic grapeseed oil and/or watermelon seed oil

Grapeseed oil and watermelon seed oil are known for being light weight and non-greasy, so they absorb quickly and don’t leave a shine or residue on the skin. Grapeseed oil benefits the skin by moisturizing and protecting with linoleic acid. Watermelon seed oil is perfect for regulating oil production and balancing the skin. Floral waters are known to refresh and soothe the skin. Combining the oils and floral waters makes a great makeup primer that can be misted onto the face for easy makeup application. If you don’t use makeup primer, you can also use the spray to set your makeup after application, or use it to refresh your skin during the day. Because the oil separates from the water, it is important to shake the bottle thoroughly before use in order to completely disperse the ingredients for maximum efficiency. Once applied, the primer will dry fairly quickly so you can begin applying your makeup almost immediately. The scent is very light so it’s not overpowering and won’t compete with your perfume. This primer works for both powder and liquid foundations, but make sure to let the oil absorb completely before applying liquid makeup.

Formulas based on skin type:

Normal to combination skin:

Add 3 tablespoons grapeseed oil and 4 tablespoons watermelon seed oil to empty bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with orange blossom water and shake well.

Oily skin:

Add 6-8 tablespoons watermelon seed oil to empty bottle and then fill remainder with camomile water. Shake well.

Dry or mature skin:

Add 8-10 tablespoons grapeseed oil to empty bottle and then add rose water to remainder of bottle. Shake well.


  • If you prefer a more emollient primer, you can add 2 tablespoons oil to the formula.
  • For use as an after-makeup setting spray, subtract 2 tablespoons oil from the formula.
  • Use the leftover oil directly on the skin as a light skin moisturizer at night or mix them into your favorite moisturizers as an added benefit.
  • Combine several different floral waters into your primer for added benefits.