Mater Sustainable Home Design

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Mater is a home design company from Denmark that has a sustainable philosophy.

Mater is a Danish home design brand that combines classic aesthetics with pure Scandinavian minimalism to create stylish furniture and accessories for the home. The impressive selection of chairs and stools, coat stands, lighting fixtures, box system shelving, sideboards and tables is sustainable, eco-conscious and socially responsible. The brand name Mater means “mother” in Latin, and the company is committed to finding materials and production methods that are friendly towards Mother Earth. Mater seeks out sustainable design practices without compromising on the style, function and durability of the brand’s products. Mater favors non-factory and small scale production, and seeks out local craftsmen who possess unique skills that may be on the verge of decline due to more modern, industrial methods of production. To design their goods, the brand commissions both danish and international designers, including established names. Mater also collaborates with artisans in India, Portugal, China and Poland, and some of the brand’s products are made entirely by hand using only simple tools. Browsing the selection, you will find eco-friendly materials like sustainably harvested natural mango wood, recycled teak wood, hand-spun and recycled aluminum, and mouth-blown glass. Mater also uses oak, alder, beech wood and natural cork that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management. In another move towards sustainability, many of Mater’s lighting fixtures are designed to be low energy light sources. The company has a transparent supply chain and prioritizes ethical suppliers and sustainable initiatives such as Susbiz India. Susbiz India is an initiative that improves production techniques for craftsmen and encourages the use of recycled materials, including a program to collect old car components and other aluminum waste for recycling. The Susbiz program is partly funded by the Danish government investment program for developing countries (Danida). You can purchase Mater furniture and accessories directly from the Mater online store, with international shipping available. You can also find Mater goods at various furniture and home design retailers throughout the world.

Click here to visit the Mater website.