Short of the Week Cinematic Website

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Short of the Week has a great selection of films, including David Karlak’s The Candidate.

Short of the Week is a cinematic website that brings you a specially curated selection of short films, in addition to trailers, industry articles and interviews. The Short of the Week editorial team screens hundreds of short films from around the world, and chooses its selection based on innovative story ideas, imaginative characters, and stunning visual styles. Each film is introduced with an insightful review and background information on the film and the director. The website lets you browse by genre, topic, style, country of origin, category or year, or you can view preselected playlists by subject. The majority of films featured have a run-time of 15 minutes or less, which is ideal for busy lifestyles and short attention spans. Film buffs could spend hours perusing the film selections on Short of the Week, but we have a few recommendations to get you started. The Candidate is a creepy yet intriguing psychological thriller by David Karlak that stars character actor Robert Picardo as a visitor from a strange secret society. Noreen is a dark comedy gem from Ireland that follows a crime scene investigation gone terribly wrong. The film was written and directed by actor Domhnall Gleeson (True Grit, About Time), and stars his father Brendan Gleeson (Troy, Braveheart, The Guard), and brother Brian Gleeson. Next Floor is a satirical social commentary on gluttony and greed from Denis Villeneuve, the award-winning director of Incendies and Prisoners. Peru’s Detrás Del Espejo (Behind the Mirrors) by Julio O. Ramos is NSFW but has impeccable acting and a surprise ending, while the French thriller The Piano Tuner from Olivier Treiner is absolutely masterful at suspense. We also enjoyed La Huida, an eccentric and amusing narrative from Spanish director Victor Carrey that shows the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated events. For those who enjoy documentaries, we recommend The Accidental Sea which tells the fascinating story of a post-apocalyptic ghost town in Southern California, and Valley of Dolls about a Japanese woman who makes life-size dolls to replace the dead.

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