Stella McCartney Eco Faux Nappa Leather

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Stella McCartney Eco Faux Nappa Accessories for Autumn 2013 are made from a new faux leather material with a renewable and natural vegetable oil coating.

Stella McCartney has launched a new faux leather material for their Autumn 2013 collection called Eco Faux Nappa. This innovative material has a coating that is created with over 50% vegetable oil which is a renewable natural resource. This allows the company to use less petroleum in their products. Faux leather is of course the ethical choice for fashion accessories, but it isn’t always the healthiest one. That is because most faux leathers are made from materials that can be harmful to human health. Most commonly, faux leather is made from either petroleum based polyurethanes or phthalate-filled polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs). These materials break down over time in a process known as offgassing or outgassing, which releases harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and the lungs. This is especially dangerous in enclosed spaces such as bedrooms and closets, where the gasses can become more concentrated. These synthetic materials are also highly flammable and may cause asthma and other allergic reactions. On the other hand, the use of animal hide leather in fashion remains an ethical quandary. In addition, the environmental costs of greenhouse gas emissions and land degradation and deforestation due to livestock production cannot be discounted. By developing this new faux leather material, McCartney can stay loyal to her vegan philosophy while reducing the company’s use of petroleum-based materials. The Stella McCartney Eco Faux Nappa looks and feels like real leather and has a high shine finish. Certain items from the Autumn 2013 accessories collection are made from the Eco Faux Nappa, including the adorable Sailor Heart Cross Body Bag with a gold chain strap, the vibrant plum Mary Loafers with a platform sole, and a classic Shoulder Bag with a long chain strap in deep tan with plum accents. Further embracing the brand’s environmentally-friendly philosophy, the Stella lingerie line uses recycled metal for all of the hardware and organic cotton for the gussets. All of the sunglasses and eyeglasses in the eyewear collection are made from more than 50% renewable and biodegradable bio-acetate and cellulose. The brand also offers footwear with recyclable and biodegradable shoe soles made from APINAT, a bioplastic derived from renewable raw materials.

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