Image credit: Stéphanie Volpato

Style Quotidien is now taking independent submissions from photographers and journalists with the following requirements:

Fashion/Beauty Photography

  • Editorials must be your original work.
  • The images must never have been published in any other media – NO exceptions.
  • The overall idea must be creative and unique – we are not looking for typical “point-and-shoot” studio editorials.
  • Preference will be given to series whose styling credits feature at least one sustainable designer (or natural beauty brand). No real fur please.


  • Journalists can submit articles or ideas on the following subjects: art, sustainable fashion, organic or DIY beauty, charities, or fashion and beauty advice.
  • The articles must never have been published in any other media – NO exceptions.
  • Submitter MUST be an accredited journalist, journalism student, or a regular contributor to a respected publication.
  • Articles must be as close to 350 words as possible. Feature articles can be around 750 words, if agreed upon in advance.

Please make your submissions to contact @ stylequotidien (.) com

* For the initial submission, images MUST be in .pdf format with all credits included.

** Once published in Style Quotidien, the photo series and articles cannot be republished elsewhere without the explicit written permission of our editor.